Portrait Nico Steiner 2012

Hi! My name is Nico Steiner - I'm a front-end developer and software architect at 1&1.


Bucharest Locations

For 6 months I was living in Bucharest. These were my favourite places during this time. I was living in the north of the City - that's why most of the places are located in this area or in Old Town.

Coffee, Drinks and Beer

Cafe Verona

They have nice breakfast on weekend and lots of vegetarian food for lunch (which is still hard to find in Bucharest). In summer time you can sit in a nice beer garden - sometimes live music is played.


Atelier Mechanic

Located in Old Town. This Cocktail bar is one of the nice places designed by Corvin Christian - a young, talented architect who also designed the interior of some other locations in Bucharest.


Pasha by Noah (only in summer)

Lounge terrace at the roof of a building. Perfect for relaxing and sipping Jacky Cola.


La 100 de beri

Also located in Old Town. If you are not not convinced by the Romanian beer (which is actually really good) make a stop here - they are serving bottled beer from all over the world.



Lacrimi si sfinti

Traditional Romanian food at it's best. My favourites were fish soup with Polenta, fried Macaroni and fruit dumplings. Chances are good that some elderly gentlemen will play Romanian music on your table.



Both art house cinemas are located in the same area. They often organize film festivals (like the Animation Festival) in a joint venture - so it's worth checking their websites regularly.

Cinema Patria


Cinema Studio


Let's Go Dancing!


The club is located in Old Town. Downstairs they are playing live music every weekend. On some days you can also sing karaoke at the upper floor.


Silver Church

Live concerts as well as club music.


Control Club

International bands are playing live music here - also during the week.



Library Carturecti

If you are not for huge shopping malls (the city has lot's of them) but more for the small, quite places, this is yours. The building (a former library, I think) is located close to Cafe Verona and Cinema Patria. They not only sell books but also movies, presents for children and lot's of other things.


La Baciu

Here you can buy fresh food from the country side - mainly vegetables, cheese, milk and meat but also other seasonal products.


When it comes to shopping (especially on public market or street places) be aware of two things: Some of the sellers will become artful dodgers when they realize you are a foreigner - trying to squeeze some money out of you. And asking these guys "Do you speak English?" will always be answered with "Yes!' - no matter how good or bad their English really is. So from time to time I was running into funny sales conversations like this one.

Me: "Hi, do you speak English?"

Market Lady: "Yes!" (see!)

Me: "I would like to buy a dry wine."

Market Lady: "... No, you can not try wine!"

Me: "No. I don't want to try. I want to buy a dry wine."

Market Lady: "I don't understand."

Me: "You know - dry - with D - not with T".

Market Lady: "... No!"

There is one tactic always coming to my rescue when I get lost in translations - I call it the Kim Jong Il tactic - Pointing at things!


Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com are licensed under CC BY 3.0