Portrait Nico Steiner 2012

Hi! My name is Nico Steiner - I'm a front-end developer and software architect at 1&1.

Software I Am Publishing Or Contributing To


Projects I contribute

All three projects we are using actively in our companies department. I contribute development by discussing new features and integration strategies as well as imposing requirements for new features or APIs.

Projects I maintain by my own

This is a list of pet projects I maintain - more or less active - by my own.

Pustefix MVC framework

Pustefix enforces a clean separation between your models, business logic and the presentation layout. This leads to a clean architecture and separation of the different application concerns. You may change the complete layout of the application of your applications without changing any of your Java classes.

The view layer in Pustefix is powered by an XSL engine which applies recursive XSL transformations to your web sites. This allows you to build frontend components which can be modified in a central stylesheet. By applying more than one transformation, the layout and the structure of your components can be separated.


qooxdoo JavaScript framework

qooxdoo is a universal JavaScript framework with a coherent set of individual components and a powerful toolchain. It is open source under liberal licenses, and supported by one of the world's leading web hosts, 1&1.

With qooxdoo you build rich, interactive applications, native-like apps for mobile devices, light-weight single-page oriented web applications or even applications to run outside the browser.


Jasmin servlet for JavaScript, CSS and SASS modules

Jasmin is a Java based technology that manages your stylesheets and scripts based on REST like style. It not only concatenates, minimizes and compresses your ressources but also lets you organize them in modules that can have dependencies to each other. In it's newest version Jasmin also supports the most common SASS features natively ported to Java language.


SenSEO Firefox Extension

SenSEO analyzes web pages and tells you how good they fulfill on-page Search Engine optimization criteria. It gives you an overview of SEO-important web page components as well as analysis of important on-page SEO criteria.


Watchpug Firefox Extension

WatchPug is a Firefox extension checking your website documents for HTML Validator or Firebug errors.


Semantic Checker Firefox Extension

Semantic Checker is a Firefox Extension highlighting semantic elements in your document.


Some more on Github

On Github you can find all of my open source projects - some of them are just experimental.