Portrait Nico Steiner 2012

Hi! My name is Nico Steiner - I'm a front-end developer and software architect at 1&1.

Some details about my life

About Me


Living In Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe is a nice town in Southern Germany with sunny wheather and is located close to the river Rhine. There are lots of events during the whole year - and french Alsace, the Swiss and Rheinland-Pfalz with it's beautiful wine festivals are right around the corner.

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Working At 1&1

1&1's specialty are its internet access products as well as hosting and e-business solutions in the cloud, which can be combined in numerous ways or which are offered as complete packages.

In the area of internet access, 1&1 offers powerful broadband access via DSL, mobile internet access via smartphones, tablets and laptops. With internet access, 1&1 is only active in Germany.


Short Vita

1&1 Internet AG
Frontend technologies and architecture expert
Customer Interaction Systems Online
76135 Karlsruhe

As a frontend technologies expert (HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript and related areas like WPO, SEO, Accessibility) I find strategies and solutions for large scale web based enterprise applications.

For several years I was chief engineer of three frontend developer teams responsible for the international 1&1 product selling platform.

Since one year I am working in the same role for national and international teams maintaining the 1&1 Controlpanel. That's the platform our customers are using to configure their contract related data and features.

https://www.xing.com/profile/Nico_Steiner (German language)

From 1997 - 2003 I studied computer science at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and gratuated with Diploma in 2003.


During the last years I visited several conferences (I'm a big fan and yearly attendee of Fronteers conference in Amsterdam) and gave talks at some German developer conferences, at Karlsruhe university as well as at lots of company internal sessions and training courses.